Monday, January 18, 2010

20010; Gimme My Clappp

God it feels good to be me in 2010.i thought high, i searched low. i analyzed the strongest man and tallest barbie( and you know damn well its not N.Minaj ) so i came up this brilliant idea.. i am blessed to be me( yea i know it could of been kind of obvious). this perspective i had on bad luck in my backpocket and haunting me has came to a end..I am human. i make mistakes and its only human enough for me to make more( dakota fanning type stuff) 20010 is here and i made it!.. me and my hard headiness, my tricks, and my lies and im here! lil buttbutt done alot of stuff and since im 18 enough is enough...lets see what happens in 20010.( i love sayin 20010 as you can see) .. frm 2009 makeup to break ups back to makeups, waking up late for classes, being bored just because i could be, sleeping the whole days, acting shady, dies, cries!, long relationships over the phone from jail!, everythingg!... im do done 2009, kiss my rear end!.. let see what my 20010 brings ( ill know by spring,lmao)