Sunday, July 26, 2009

Call me Barbie Cause Im Fake!.

dayummmm! this weekend has been so depleteing and miserable. According to the law of attraction I brought that mess in my life. A misunderstanding between my closest frienns and "my use to bee boyfrienn" that i will never claim even if he was a alien and neededa wife and a greencard!,Plus his frienns the the fatt joints, the 26 year older that cooled it wiff 17 year olders and the one who works at iverson picking up trash as his job(wink-Wink) Sheeesh!, send me to rehab and call it a day!. The last straw was when Gerrell said i was fake(Todayy)and hes's real and for me to quote unquote " Halla Back". put me in a mini dress and in a doll house and im done!.(By the way i wrote him saying HI. I cant believe that someone wuld think that i am fake. I never kept all my feelings inside. I never been off and on wiff a person unless that was acting shady first!,i even kept it a FUCKING 100 in my post below. boys will bee boys and the attraction will be the attraction. So for now on i will relate to this secret, law of attraction thinie ma-Jiggy and keep it as "a affirmative action is 100 time powerful 1 billion negetive actions.". college and a beeday cumming up in August who to say i need to worry about a single male low minded human to think of me in such away.I AM INDEED APPLAUDED!. my frienns will stay true if they ever were. Coppin State University Here I come wiff The law of attraction!(p.s Dont now what the law of attraction is tune in on nik's Bloglisted below.
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It's been to long and Im lost without you

My dearest sweet Polo. The problem is people say you gone, i know yu didnt leeve.the definition of leaving is no returning,so i will never see you again.Who lied to them? You are so close but yet so far away.see yu later is the more like it.I miss you. Im lost without you but i can even maintain really. Its a big disguise. How i walk around and tell people the story about you when they ask,like it dont eat me up inside. i wanna let you know that i love you. The last thing i said to you about that i was saying how"i care about you" and you said you believed me when really we was suppose to be saying fuck each other. I have a problem of accepting the fact that your not on earth.Imma leeve it as we went without seeing each other for a while and telling myself that you said you was gonna try to get a ride(like you always said when it rained).Im kinda happy i didnt find that picha of us that we took cause i would die. imma bee some insane freak that would try to do some voo-doo mess trynna bring you back.(Jus kidding). I couldnt accept the fact that every other girl wanted you but i can say that i accept that god wanted you. i know your safe from Drama. ( from mee to,cause i did cause some). lls. boo you got me sitting here crying and smiling. smiling cause i can be able to say you where in my world. crying cause i got this "i miss you" song by aaliyah on repeat. In a special most respected way. I am your keeper and i love you wiff all my heart. You and Deuce!.i cant even stop writting jus like i couldnt leeve your gravesite or when you spent the nite or i spent the nite. I cant leeve you . i would let a snake bit me, i would give away all my clothes and bee homeless,my would travel back in the slave years and live,i would not eat for a 100 days,JUST TO BEE WITH YOU AND TALK TO YOU FOR A DAY. imagine what i would do jus to have you back forever!.i wanted to say all this when i was feeling it. The rite moment. Its jus been to long and i need you. When i spent the day at the gravesite and sat and jus stared. I was speechless. Imma keep that promise i raising money for your grave plot.Polo The Star, i truly am fucked up. my hands are shaking and i cant even write nomore = (. love you.