Monday, November 9, 2009

Exuse me Dearly, iDdoneLostMy Mind

im a sooo sooo sorry. srry srry srry!!!!! i never mentioned how i left my two idealest inspirartors of all time. i know i probably mentioned kesh kumari and Raquel Reed, BUT i forgot my infamous kelis and remy- Ma!.... theyy all connect besides knowing each other, i rememble myself by them. Remy Ma most def has my savage side. im a fuckin lady but yu could Neva Play Me! vand kelis relationship, style, image, is witthin me. If you know me everyone knows how i had kesh kumari hair,lol... and i did look like her. WELLLL since she has a haircut now and i do too we look alike still but yu can tell the difference frm noses. Raquel Reed and Kesh mind concept on fashion attire is the same as mines like mines. kesh room was once like mines before i moved to college because the room was lookin like a closet and raquel reel clost looks like a clown threw up in it, and guess what!!, guessing yu gettin the pic and SO what it may sound clingy!, you have to start frm somewere and why not remembe the best of the F' in Best.

TIP: Use Bumble and Bumble's Styling Lotion on hair as a base to make it more workable, so you can create both a sleek crown and a gravity-defying tail.
This Years Hairstyle, " The shockwave". When i settle down i will bee getting this rite here. My style isnt really neat anyway, i usually use to wear my ponytails wild before my hairciut anyway. This is the newest fashionist style, given to you by me, cited by t.vogue.
My newest fav haircut : the hottest froom under the sun, frm me to yu simply from a fashion Junkie : cited T.Vogue