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The practice of female circumcise is a method to stitch up a woman's vagina protect them from sex until marriage. It has been traditionally used and in the process of ban still in Uganda. NO ANESTHETIC! So she would feel every slice and poke. Some died, but mothers are proud to take their daughters hands and walk threw the welcome door mat to get seen by the doctors. During the practice the health issues host external female genitals that is partially/totally removed and creates scar tissue that can cause complications during labor, which will prolong bleed. Socially it’s used throughout Uganda and between 1-140 million woman and girls has been circumcised

complications and physcial problems are known such as - The highest maternal and infant mortality rates are in FGM-practicing regions.The actual number of girls who die as a result of FGM is not known. However, in areas in the Sudan where antibiotics are not available, it is estimated that one-third of the girls undergoing FGM will die.Conservative estimates suggest that more than one million women in Centrafrican Republic (CAR), Egypt, and Eritrea, the only countries where such data is available, experienced adverse health effects from FGM.One quarter of women in CAR and 1/5 of women in Eritrea reported FGM-related complications. Where medical facilities are ill-equipped, emergencies arising from the practice cannot be treated. Thus, a child who develops uncontrolled bleeding or infection after FGM may die within hours.
Intense pain and/or hemorrhage that can lead to shock during and after the procedure. A 1985 Sierra Leone study found that nearly 97 percent of the 269 women interviewed experienced intense pain during and after FGM, and more than 13 percent went into shock. Hemorrhage can also lead to anemia.
Wound infection, including tetanus. A survey in a clinic outside of Freetown (Sierra Leone) showed that of 100 girls who had FGM, 1 died and 12 required hospitalization. Of the 12 hospitalized, 10 suffered from bleeding and 5 from tetanus.24 Tetanus is fatal in 50 to 60 percent of all cases.25
Damage to adjoining organs from the use of blunt instruments by unskilled operators.
Urine retention from swelling and/or blockage of the urethra.

it is know that most mothers who had it done to them is more than likly to do it to their daughter(s)and Men help continue the practice by refusing to marry women who have not had FGM or by allowing or paying for their daughters' procedures.

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My affirmination to take stand as a Journalist(in Training)

By young adults having no firm code of disciplinary especially in CO-ED dorms, it has caused a collegiate to at accordingly. College students have a little culture within the bounds of campus that often practice sex before marriage. Spiritually its in no one's religion but mind stated is used as if "It delays the ceremony’s will be before marriage. (Un) A health issue involves out - of- wedlock pregnancies, divorce, unhappy homes, venereal diseases, ending of education and careers and i can go on for days! College students are one of the most intelligent, better provided material, and opportunity seekers of his generation but one minor mistake will do major damage by being conned into slippery relationships by "she's nice looking”. Emotional and socially a perspective student may have strong firm morals but is quiet because of being laughed or ignored psychologically or subsequently. Even thought its to tough to dig into the roots of the problem, the area lies not from home, church, or college itself, but the person that has the concept of respecting his/her new meaning to vility to moral strive. We don’t have to look far away in mileage such as Africa to be able to correspond a cultural practice that is unhealthy used when we can sense it locally.

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she's Crazy, she's Cool. She dominate this School!. wow college is nothing but the truth!im sure someone is on my boat. having the morning classes, the sad face
when you see the lunch menu and end up eating pizza everyday in co-ed dorms and TRYNNA look pretty in pj's,lmao.this experience is different for me. its not high school or UPWARD BOUND. your prolonged friends are you enemies and i am unable to make fashion statments while being late for class 8 in the mornin after after going to sleep 3 in the A.M. (ERRRRRR) freshmen seminars arethe worst and the prettiest boy on campus looks like your EX!,hahaha.Still wishing i had someone to talk to or texx 4 in the morning to make it all worth while,or a special dog i had since 4 to fill a void but fortunally my baby is in paradise. THE BOTH OF THEM. college is??? college is???? nothing i expect. classes are a handful, but i wuldnt give my schedule up for the world.Modelingn practice is nice, and the suite mates are the best!. 605b, we the top Models!. idk what im looking for per sayy, its just something missin and its damn sure aint them track parties. (them boys are nasty; I promise)Cold in the summa time on campus? {X} cleaning the room 5 min before inspection {X} and havin a party 1 st week on campus {X}....sumthing still missing???.... im bound to find out

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