Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Have this Theory, that when you to least expect something thats when it happens. I believe that god doesnt give you nothing that you cant handle and he gives you obstacles and bad relationships to prepare you for the good ones.

On new Years I was given a opportunity to start things over and to start them over with a new person. It was ironic, you see because i was least expecting and actually gave up on relationships. I seriously thought that nobody deserved me. Plus i kept talking to this loser that was no good for me but didnt know how turn my back on him Until i met someone tht spoke to me everyday. When I first met him, i literally tested him and NO MATTER what i did he found a way to turn it around. He didnt give up! i was like dammmmn.. and every since then,I gave him 100 percent of my time,and energy. 4months later i call him my babyboo,boyfriend, and anmy sunshine. His Name is Rene Cooper.

Starving Like Marvin

When I leave School, I eat Some Food that Does Wonders To My Tummy, since We moved into a New house, I cant wait to go Grocery Shopping Because I am the Cook Of the House.

I remember when i first saw these shoes like when i first made this blog, it was like ooo Illl Never find these! # NEVER SAY NEVER
P.S, thats my new ROOM.



I was the FIRST one that said, why everyone love Minaj so Much? Shes jus temperary, shes Just a repeat of Lil Kim and Just want to be know.. NOW after analyzing her, i kinda, sorta Like the Bitchh.. Idk Why But i Finally Listened to her music and i was feeling one of her songs, and im starting to crave on of her hairstyles. Who Knws why But I FINALLY am giving her her Credit. #YeaaaaNicki

Truee Friends

True friend are the People who dont Care How Shitty you are sometimes, But Love you Unconditionally. They are the ones to Make Ur Day and Wouldnt dissappoint You on Purpose; nevertheless Betray You or Your Trust. I Make this dedication to All REAL friends OUT THERE, because Loyalty is Everything .

Ive Been Gone For a Minunte BUT Now Im Back With The JumpOFF

It feeeels like its been forever since i been on here! omg
ive accomlplished some things and put some things in the past.
More good things happened than Bad, so what a relief!
For instance im currently on the dean list at my school. #yayME

Ive Went BLONDE!

I have a Loving Boyfriend ( 4mnths Currently Strong)

My daddy and i moved into a house that i must say, I LOVE! besides that, I must say overally, its going good! Still have my Bestfriend NEENEE ( four FREAKIN years strong) and matterfact we just partied for her birthday  on the New Years!   :

(( that's her in the middle and me on the end on the left!)
Its really toooooo much to put what ive been doing cause i have pictures for DAYS!. I got a tat of my daddy name on my chest  because out of everyone who may leave for good or leave and comeback, he always remained:

I actually got a pic with my haircut do, thats EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!