Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Have this Theory, that when you to least expect something thats when it happens. I believe that god doesnt give you nothing that you cant handle and he gives you obstacles and bad relationships to prepare you for the good ones.

On new Years I was given a opportunity to start things over and to start them over with a new person. It was ironic, you see because i was least expecting and actually gave up on relationships. I seriously thought that nobody deserved me. Plus i kept talking to this loser that was no good for me but didnt know how turn my back on him Until i met someone tht spoke to me everyday. When I first met him, i literally tested him and NO MATTER what i did he found a way to turn it around. He didnt give up! i was like dammmmn.. and every since then,I gave him 100 percent of my time,and energy. 4months later i call him my babyboo,boyfriend, and anmy sunshine. His Name is Rene Cooper.