Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pass the legacy of natural hair along, play a song, no need to fit in or belong!
Say it loud : i have a bush and im black and still proud!
hhahaha. Suckas!


this came to mind randomously!. pretty much all my ideas are so this is my most prized stuff that i want to give away since it came to mind. ( you dont let good ideas slip away).

uhhummm [clearing my throat]

- i would like to give all my fashion aspects to (quaneisha goodwin)neenee " MY

BESTFRIEND" well the ones that she want; which is probablyy all. even though tonika is my fashion partner she has more stuff than me and she dont even want all her stuff!.PS share wiff Woosa = )....i want my bestfriends to stay together forever. to not let any nonsence or even big issues to disjoint one another My bestfriends Neenee and David.
- to David Davis i want you to have the page from my magazine that talks about you. i could never have another bestfriend as you or neenee and that from the heart. since those words are from the heart take it as you having a piece of my heart. ( neenee gets her page to!)... read one of your songs for me. it always made me blush = )
- i want eric banken to have our red book that we wrote in together because all of our memories are in there and a letter of my appreciation is to him.

- to my loving sister ( Bianca Jones) i want you to have all my magazines that i made and i want you to keep them for me. all my thoughts, actions, dreams, and memories are within those books. the letters that i wrote to certain people give it to them. otherwise they wouldnt had got them from me!,lol.... also my diary(burn them; I know you would read them first,lol)
- to my main family( mikey, maurice, mommy, daddy, grandma, and zeuce) i would like them to have smiles!. not one tear of sorrow.) if i was to die young and am hoping my fingers to not to. the most thing i can think of is burry me nexx to my favored boyfriend and dressed in pretty pink.I would like that. not no traditional ceremony either. i dont want not one person crying, or mad with grief. i want the biggest celebration Ever!

- to my fashion partner tonika. It maybe hard but i want tonika to read a poem for me. i like the inner thinkings of her. one of a kind.

i know know where to go with this or what part of time this will be done but to ensure that my dogg will get taken care of i would want my brothers to take care of zeuce if my daddy was to be sent away to. I know my mom would want it but i would feel comfortable wiff him around some men so he can become one. ( I baby him up alot).
- to myMom, GrandMa, and daddy! i really dont know what to give that can be worth my touch and voice everymorning, and i know i dont have any money to inherit from my pockets but i can say this!. i tried my best as Micole Barnes and i hope that i made you proud because i was a proud person to have all of you as parents. If what they say is true about when i go to heaven as a angel i will be looking over everyone. I will bee visualizing the most strongest family ever.
love to all the rest of my family. i love you as well. my grandma on my fathers side, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone who shapened me.
- to phs and ejhs, everyone good and bad that where in a cloud in my life. i wannt to thank them. the good one made a smile and the bad ones made me strnger. the friends that didnt end up at the finsh line with me as a friend or close one; i can say this if i was really close to you and at the end we wasnt friends you pierced a crack on my heart because let me tell show yu this. I think i am a very generous person because the simple fact i take shit and i put up with alot of things. i bless your heart and getting my attention in the first place, it was some type of intrest there in my eyes so its probably there somewhere inside. I hope you find it. I love teh very few as well.
to everyone else that i didnt write on , its probably in my magazines because i talks about everybody!(not badd either!). my trust my sister out of anyone because she is the most person that understands me as a whole

the thrifty me in dDisguise!!

REAlly!, i get it from my daddy. he have his own mini business of technology solutions; DataBarn to be exact and he works at howard university also. my dad is my biggest image of real as it gets. he has done did everything and this is me guessing but knowing at the same time. 1. had me and didnt even like my mommy; took care of his responsibility and my moms to 2 .No college education; but knows just as much and his financial income is more that a college graduate by his experience to life 3. use to wash cars and be homeless in his young years 4. all of the above. MY DADDY!. the best that did it, and the best that ever will got dammit! anywho talking about him brings about my idea of thriftiness. i had everything i ever wanted being my daddy little angel ( and only child) i had a doggy at the age of 4 who was my bff and my favorite student playing teacher in my room. with a snap of my fingers i had it in my hand. spoiled little me i suppose. but as i grew older i realized my daddy business was so well organized and well planned out because the the biggest secret known to madkind THRIFTiNESS.

i betcha if you ask any wealthy person how they start out and if they was inherited by money, someway down the road its because they was thrifty.This came to mind while my dad would go to thrift stores to find chargers for laptops or laptop bags or something beneficail to his business,Boyy did he get $$$$ for jus paying cents out his pocket at yardsells or bagain shopping.I turned his example from his business into a fashion statement. Im sure im not the only one but i am the ostentatious one! you would think i shop at the malls and expensive stores ghetto girls waste their moms ebt cards on like susan fashion, or such. nope NOT ME!. the true fashion is within and i betcha if you look to your left and right look deep in the cracks you will find the most galmorous carnigans, the eccenticest jewelry and the hossest earings!. going to the markets and underground chinese outlets will give you all the discounts, dont get me wrong you cant shop for your undies and sockies there but i guarentee you wiff you look, search, hunt or whatnot i bet your bottom dollar yu could even find m. Jacobs or Chanel.whoo loawd,CHECK MATE!

Cant Help to Wonder

they said yu not suppose stay in the past because yu will never be focused on the future but i think I cant seem to wonder. wonder; to speculate curiously or be curious about; be curious to know. i love the life i live and live the life i love but retrospecting is a addiction. i pitcure me back with my REAL friends up howard university upward bound, walking to the playground and gossiping, or jus on the phone talking about what girls aways talk about; BOYS and RELATIONSHIPS. i picture myself striving up the hill when i had a half a day Potomac wiff my walking partner zo, jus to go to sleep and eat good at home.the most part i keep back tracking to the days of being happy. I mean really happy, when the olny time i would cry was when i was on my period. I have so many wishes now that Santa wouldnt even wanna listen to! wishing that i was a different person in my past relationships, From someone to me that is really noone really to me (if you get what im saying) told me that i was obsessed with a dead person because he died. saying " hes dead, hes not coming back"Everyone who is everyone said that hes crazzy because we were in love and we was in a realationship and it was still a close one when he left, BUT as i keep thinkn on what he said, ( other than the fact that he was jealous because i didnt show him no attention) it came to my attention that im not obsessed but i am held back in a certain position because at time i am sleepless, restless and i cry jus of the memories that is repeatly in my head of him. Him.if you dont know who him is by now you have no exsistance to bee a supporter of my blog. i can write a book,i can give yu a feeling that you never felt in your soul describing him. At times i think its a big concern because i think if i was there i would of got in front of him. if i would of took him with me that weeknd. It wouldnt had been him. i feel this because there is noone on this earth for me, as hard as it is to believe i am positive! i feel hearltless when i talk to people, I literally dont give a fuck to be honest!. some people say i am wierd because i start off liking them but it always diverges, so now i dont bother to get into any of nonsense they call love .i cant help to wonder from the past. i want to continue with the real world and move forward but my mind backtracks. Yes day to day i interact with this world and maintain efficeny but i know deep deep down inside whats really up. i dont know what to do. as i think of it now my mom thought i was going to his gravesite a little to much because its by her house. am i insane??. i cant help to wonder will i be lonly in this life on earth. god.Please I Hope Not