Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the thrifty me in dDisguise!!

REAlly!, i get it from my daddy. he have his own mini business of technology solutions; DataBarn to be exact and he works at howard university also. my dad is my biggest image of real as it gets. he has done did everything and this is me guessing but knowing at the same time. 1. had me and didnt even like my mommy; took care of his responsibility and my moms to 2 .No college education; but knows just as much and his financial income is more that a college graduate by his experience to life 3. use to wash cars and be homeless in his young years 4. all of the above. MY DADDY!. the best that did it, and the best that ever will got dammit! anywho talking about him brings about my idea of thriftiness. i had everything i ever wanted being my daddy little angel ( and only child) i had a doggy at the age of 4 who was my bff and my favorite student playing teacher in my room. with a snap of my fingers i had it in my hand. spoiled little me i suppose. but as i grew older i realized my daddy business was so well organized and well planned out because the the biggest secret known to madkind THRIFTiNESS.

i betcha if you ask any wealthy person how they start out and if they was inherited by money, someway down the road its because they was thrifty.This came to mind while my dad would go to thrift stores to find chargers for laptops or laptop bags or something beneficail to his business,Boyy did he get $$$$ for jus paying cents out his pocket at yardsells or bagain shopping.I turned his example from his business into a fashion statement. Im sure im not the only one but i am the ostentatious one! you would think i shop at the malls and expensive stores ghetto girls waste their moms ebt cards on like susan fashion, or such. nope NOT ME!. the true fashion is within and i betcha if you look to your left and right look deep in the cracks you will find the most galmorous carnigans, the eccenticest jewelry and the hossest earings!. going to the markets and underground chinese outlets will give you all the discounts, dont get me wrong you cant shop for your undies and sockies there but i guarentee you wiff you look, search, hunt or whatnot i bet your bottom dollar yu could even find m. Jacobs or Chanel.whoo loawd,CHECK MATE!