Wednesday, November 4, 2009


this came to mind randomously!. pretty much all my ideas are so this is my most prized stuff that i want to give away since it came to mind. ( you dont let good ideas slip away).

uhhummm [clearing my throat]

- i would like to give all my fashion aspects to (quaneisha goodwin)neenee " MY

BESTFRIEND" well the ones that she want; which is probablyy all. even though tonika is my fashion partner she has more stuff than me and she dont even want all her stuff!.PS share wiff Woosa = )....i want my bestfriends to stay together forever. to not let any nonsence or even big issues to disjoint one another My bestfriends Neenee and David.
- to David Davis i want you to have the page from my magazine that talks about you. i could never have another bestfriend as you or neenee and that from the heart. since those words are from the heart take it as you having a piece of my heart. ( neenee gets her page to!)... read one of your songs for me. it always made me blush = )
- i want eric banken to have our red book that we wrote in together because all of our memories are in there and a letter of my appreciation is to him.

- to my loving sister ( Bianca Jones) i want you to have all my magazines that i made and i want you to keep them for me. all my thoughts, actions, dreams, and memories are within those books. the letters that i wrote to certain people give it to them. otherwise they wouldnt had got them from me!,lol.... also my diary(burn them; I know you would read them first,lol)
- to my main family( mikey, maurice, mommy, daddy, grandma, and zeuce) i would like them to have smiles!. not one tear of sorrow.) if i was to die young and am hoping my fingers to not to. the most thing i can think of is burry me nexx to my favored boyfriend and dressed in pretty pink.I would like that. not no traditional ceremony either. i dont want not one person crying, or mad with grief. i want the biggest celebration Ever!

- to my fashion partner tonika. It maybe hard but i want tonika to read a poem for me. i like the inner thinkings of her. one of a kind.

i know know where to go with this or what part of time this will be done but to ensure that my dogg will get taken care of i would want my brothers to take care of zeuce if my daddy was to be sent away to. I know my mom would want it but i would feel comfortable wiff him around some men so he can become one. ( I baby him up alot).
- to myMom, GrandMa, and daddy! i really dont know what to give that can be worth my touch and voice everymorning, and i know i dont have any money to inherit from my pockets but i can say this!. i tried my best as Micole Barnes and i hope that i made you proud because i was a proud person to have all of you as parents. If what they say is true about when i go to heaven as a angel i will be looking over everyone. I will bee visualizing the most strongest family ever.
love to all the rest of my family. i love you as well. my grandma on my fathers side, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone who shapened me.
- to phs and ejhs, everyone good and bad that where in a cloud in my life. i wannt to thank them. the good one made a smile and the bad ones made me strnger. the friends that didnt end up at the finsh line with me as a friend or close one; i can say this if i was really close to you and at the end we wasnt friends you pierced a crack on my heart because let me tell show yu this. I think i am a very generous person because the simple fact i take shit and i put up with alot of things. i bless your heart and getting my attention in the first place, it was some type of intrest there in my eyes so its probably there somewhere inside. I hope you find it. I love teh very few as well.
to everyone else that i didnt write on , its probably in my magazines because i talks about everybody!(not badd either!). my trust my sister out of anyone because she is the most person that understands me as a whole