Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ive Been Gone For a Minunte BUT Now Im Back With The JumpOFF

It feeeels like its been forever since i been on here! omg
ive accomlplished some things and put some things in the past.
More good things happened than Bad, so what a relief!
For instance im currently on the dean list at my school. #yayME

Ive Went BLONDE!

I have a Loving Boyfriend ( 4mnths Currently Strong)

My daddy and i moved into a house that i must say, I LOVE! besides that, I must say overally, its going good! Still have my Bestfriend NEENEE ( four FREAKIN years strong) and matterfact we just partied for her birthday  on the New Years!   :

(( that's her in the middle and me on the end on the left!)
Its really toooooo much to put what ive been doing cause i have pictures for DAYS!. I got a tat of my daddy name on my chest  because out of everyone who may leave for good or leave and comeback, he always remained:

I actually got a pic with my haircut do, thats EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!