Friday, September 25, 2009

My affirmination to take stand as a Journalist(in Training)

By young adults having no firm code of disciplinary especially in CO-ED dorms, it has caused a collegiate to at accordingly. College students have a little culture within the bounds of campus that often practice sex before marriage. Spiritually its in no one's religion but mind stated is used as if "It delays the ceremony’s will be before marriage. (Un) A health issue involves out - of- wedlock pregnancies, divorce, unhappy homes, venereal diseases, ending of education and careers and i can go on for days! College students are one of the most intelligent, better provided material, and opportunity seekers of his generation but one minor mistake will do major damage by being conned into slippery relationships by "she's nice looking”. Emotional and socially a perspective student may have strong firm morals but is quiet because of being laughed or ignored psychologically or subsequently. Even thought its to tough to dig into the roots of the problem, the area lies not from home, church, or college itself, but the person that has the concept of respecting his/her new meaning to vility to moral strive. We don’t have to look far away in mileage such as Africa to be able to correspond a cultural practice that is unhealthy used when we can sense it locally.