Monday, January 18, 2010

Them Goals Bees A Must!

my new years goals and all; i try to keep it uncomparable. you know not the usual "Preserve water", "recycle more", " get better Goals".... The yadayada, day to day objectives.This year 2010, im going to keep it simple. 

"Strive by all means necessary" - better than the next and the rest by my own inner beings. reading when im staring ( i do that alot), cleaning while im on the phone( i do this alot too,lol) and i guess you can say double up my earning

"Open myself" - by doing this maybe i can learn more and do more. Its a crazy world out there and i needs to know what paths to take even if its dirty and creepy

" intern, jobs, and Volunteering" - building my leadership

its some i didnt mention because usually when i dont say it and just do it, it ends up being more on the top of my mind then in the back... the biggest one has to be listed to keep me going day to day