Monday, January 18, 2010

My blessings go to Haiti

LEOGANE, HAITI -- Townspeople say as many as 500 nuns, priests and students were crushed to death when the cream-colored walls of the Sainte Rose de Lima School collapsed in last Tuesday's earthquake, a disaster that destroyed the emotional and physical centerpiece of this city.

" its so much that can be explained from this tradegy that happen during my years, the pain, the apprehension, and the notknowing from all the families is unbearing. im sorry for the lost and my prayers goes to everyone there. Huurricane Katrina, our 911, and this earthquake makes me believe that life has its plans. im currently working on trying to help in my own way as possible. i hope things work out better for up and comming beings and god bless america..... truly"

                                                                                      - Micole Barnes
                                                                                         January 18th,2010