Tuesday, November 17, 2009


omg, i will never support these ppl again( uless i need somethin fast and in a hurry! ) XXI.. these people policies are rediculous!. i tried to take some of my clothes back SIMPLY because i spend too myuch on my band card and relly i was had to file bankruptcy with my dad.they they NEW policy is that on the receipt, you can only get store credit within 21 days!. i was mad because the man told me that i can return within 21 days BUT didnt say i would only get store credit,. that crap was a Blower!... i spent $159.00 on sweat pants and long sleeve shirts and it wasnt worth it at all!. i am currently in financial debt. i had to borrow money frm my dad AND had to work with him on a SUNDAY in our family business that we have called DATABARN solutions.
( more info pleese let me know we fix computers, laptops, and provide and can equipped any texhnology needed or that is broken = )......
 any way i was sooooo mad. that weeknd my grandmother gave me $100.00 which was spent to my tat and i had $300.00 frm my refund check. ALL BLOWN AWAY ON $%&* !!!!!..... i learned my lesson futurully but im still thinkin wtf was i thinkn. I blame it all on the trip to forever 21!