Monday, November 16, 2009

simply because of his Pros

well yes i am here. the one that walked into town,
you where looking straight and i made you turn around.
i was highly classified to be your new girl to be able to change your life,
i had shiny long hair and was all ready to be your wife!
i came smack at you like " where yu been all my life"??,
you respond " sometimes people walk past good things", im thinking because i was jus recently stabbed with a knife!.
yea, okay i was on my get bait status so i would texx you occasionally,
you would get mad , sad jump on your head when i didnt call or texx you faithfully.
so i got over my past relationships even though i never did to this day recover,
So the closer i got to you we was talkin and laughin., I EVEN MET YOUR MOTHER
the day you captured my heart and i began to committ was the day yu kissed me on my cheek,
you said call you when i got in so make sure i was safe after seeing "TAY NEW JOINT" and this made me like yu so deeper than the ocean, you snatched me off my feet!
i felt so alive again, so purified, so happy that i found you even when i gave up,
i was your girl and you was my dude, i knew the girls was goosin I DIDNT GIVE A FCUK,cause you where my luck.----
you where my ideal discription of a dude i could admire  through thickness and thin
i started to picture me havin your lastname, a house, giving fate, me being hurt?? NEVER AGAIN
my x that stabbed my in the back came back into my life and i forgave our downfall. He was yet a MAJOR pro in my life and rest in peace to my star -----
he  picked back up my heart again after this story fell apart
My dad met you, and sheesh i was shakin in my boots. He called you " the nappy head kid"
and hearing that from him i could tell he like you because the others he seem so disappointed
i remembered i was shy at time being around you ---
i would smile at everything you did and stare and you staring at the tv or taking of your socks,
its so crazy how i pitured so many things,HAA! to this day me being Mrs. Whitlock!
you was this certain book of numbers and answers and  i was this magaine with letters and questions. ---
As we put one and two together we had different aspects and disagreements.
you wondered why i would but one and two together and you would put 1 and a question together,
we started to argue over the littlest things such as what you do today and what you later.---
i would skip class and stay up late nights on school nights to talk to him jus because of my bond,
i loved him so much and i dont think he knew so all i culd give him was hugs to have a sense of belong.
i would play games, yes i would i would get on his nerves because i like when he showed anger to show that he cared about me and the things that brings,
He would start to treat me bad when i didnt do nuffing wrong and especially over the little things.
you expressed your anger alot more than love and i couldnt do anyhthing about this up and coming of us,
why happend, dont do this!, please, No! what can change this dark side, i got to know I must!
you wanted to be stricting and wanted just what you wanted, and i was this openminded carefree butterfly,
i was baby this and hunny that, i remember to this day me sleeping the opposite way to you on the bed sleeping still shy.

you wanted to capture me in a box and wouldnt let me express my wings but you favored me coming over everynight yes because yu loved me,
guess who came each and everytime not that bitch name yani!
i STILL wanted you badly. you did some terrible things to me like kick me out when it was snowing, put me out of your arms, push me away and say some things that would only hurt the kind of person that i am, But guess what i STILL wanted you.the calling me anything,callin me a B, I would still skip school to see you and have the audacity to spend my last money to get on the train,----
it was cold, snowy, lonly and i was bymyself. yes i was bymyslef because i felt the pain.
i felt the pain when i woke up 5 in the morning to catch a train out montgomory frm PG. that's two differnt end point on two different lines,---
you werent home and nowhere to be found you phone off and what!that brought out vigurous cries!
i act like it didnt faze me, because it was way past an addiction now. i didnt want no end relationship, no more kifes in my back, no lifes up side downs.
Everything is okay, it will change, i know it will. he dont mean to do that, he just hiding his feelings micole
 this person told me so many ideas that filled my head to think that he was my best solution,---
he feel off so many times But i love this guy. my mind had been wasted and was given pollution.
so it became a rollercoaster up and down and up and down. alot of cons and yes some pros,---
i payed attention to the pros so the cons was  untechnically gone. so them came about these codes.
the cousin that was at the time talking to my so called cousin had him talkin in codes. they joked, laughed, and carryed on.he had a baby, moved his life with his babymotha, im still here hands open,----
 still mopping.
i dont know what happen to this day i suppose. My delusional ass still want him and im still paying attention to these pros.
mane my earth life wants him bad,badly, to the baddest simply because of his pros.