Thursday, November 12, 2009

Im rather UnHuman I Must Say.

   sometimes you may see me happy and im mad as hell, and  sometimes you see me mad and im happy. whats understood dont got to bee explained, so im misunderstood should i explain?? people dont get " why her name is Micole" why cant it be Nicole. Well why she dont ever match and why her voice is do not normal. I heard why she has a mark on her face or how do she get along with everyone. They say things like why shes such a blonde and dont get things but she get good grades. Why do she have boy problems, is she self concious? for 9 months she gave Michelle pain, but now shes not even close to her. She wear hearts on her rings but dont seem to have one inside of her. Why she still have braces, why dont she like to be around others, why do she have 3rd persons perspective when we ask HER a question.Why is she quiet she you ask her a question or is there really a boy name polo she was really in a relationship??do she like boys and then when they get to close to her why do she want them to fall back?Them magazines that she make are for what:? Shes so skinny she dont even have no belly fat: THAT WHY SHE ALWAYS COLD!. lol, what( to everything she says). why would she take her glasses off when she didnt have no eyes where she come with these off ideas and questions that dont make sense?MY RESPONSE,they rather speculate before then really check : They never informate but always seem to just look at the pages before reading! thats wrong with these I WISH I COULD TELL YOU THE WAY I REALLY AM. iF I KNEW YOU WOULD KNOW; jUS KNOW THAT NORMAL PEOPLE RARLY MAKES HISTORYuneducated humans. i noticed you can be so close to me but yet so far from me. you could be my roomate and have no clue but yet lend opinions.hmmmmm with that being said :

The way i live nexx door to these people isnt the i live nexx door to these people. yu still dont understand?

Let me tell you you to bee specifc. someone may be the type to commit a fallacy or distribute a certain property because they want ABC or do it because people think of them as 123. I am the type to not think and do JUST to see the outcome of ABC, infer and to think how 234 person would do it too. `

, i DONT FAULT YOU, BUT F' U!. : no need to show a mad expression on ignorance, that makes it revernt.