Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i neva thought it would bee you that somone would had too go to a vigil light for. even though i was unable to make it, it was a sad sight to see!. i member the first day i met you when we boxed. David was mad that we were interacting more then me and him was. after that YU BECAME CRAZYY!,lol... you and woosa was a good couple to be quite honest. you were a teddy bear and she was a little barbie doll. NOW THAT YOU GONE YAZAMINE is going to live a tougher life. it was tough with you here but hearing that she couldnt keep her balance and was crying unconditionally at the vigil was sorrowful. i know how to use good diction and im feeling everything she is feeling based on experience. she loved you so much. i knew this becausewe played that tricked on you and she was so sorry that she did it. i though t it was funny. anyway imma help her keep tough because i know how she feeling so i can compare. i know that she is going to need alot of alone time momentarily because it jus them days when noone can help and all she can do it think and rething. and extra THI NK! since shes like a close cousin to me i know for a fact that shes all messed up in the head and feels alot of anger. we all gonna miss you. im gonna miss you because Yazamine still needs you and i can relate to her. RIP RYDELL

this my cousin by the wayy, yazamine. this is how she always lookin happy even at times where aint shit happy to be about,lol. i love you girl. i know i did after we could go through tribulations and un-calld for moments : and it built a stronger relationship for us. ily, woosa