Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My mistake, YOUR error! my AP literature teacher would always say: even though she was a bit wierd BUT smart she would say this. I forgot what date this was but sometime last month , it still look bad without the stitches because my skin is peeled off(UGGGH),lol my first experience of cutting my finger almost off .first and last to bee exact!. this hurted so much. my handwritting is FOREVER mess up because i use this hand and this particular finger. it EXTRA SLOPPY( see how i said EXTRA).

i think it was what? six stitches. A billion hours in the emergence room frm 12- 4 in the morning. i cried my heart of jus looking at it. i was feeling the pain of getting stitches before she even started. I WAS A BIG SUCKA!. lol... my richie rich was like " AWWW BABIE",lol...by the way this is richie rich!.=======>
lol,my boo i guess. anyway it was kinda amazing because i watched it healed daily. my finger will neva be the same again too. pitcha someone on jackass hurting themselves on purpse and its kinda cool!,lol... i didnt dso it on purpose but afta the stitching i was like cool!... i wouldnt do it again but first time for everything. THE END. wanna see it now? ask me and you will still bee amazed( only if you was amazed by what i just said,lol