Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mistaken Identity

- Queen Bee/Boushy && Beyond
X I like To sleep Alot ( Im No Pregno)
X I am a braceface
X I am a Supporter of dreadheads/Waveheads
X Obama Cheated(Jus Kidding)
X I would walk Outside Naked if it wasnt illegal
X I secrectly wear my dad clothing
X Me and my grandma plays HIDE & SEEk,lls
X I dont handshake or " Dapp Upp"Unless its for a interview
X My room is a closet
X I brainwashed My Dog Zeuce to Cookies Frm The cookie jar Before Dinner
X I wish i could had Cheated On the SAT/ACT
X I wanna bee like kesh When I grow Up(except the car accident theory)
X I prefer A Double Staker Burger & Milkshake rather than Salad
X I believe that Seafood Makes Female Babies Come out Stinky
X Christ is my Savior
X I Ride in UnMarked Cars
X Girls Jus wanna Have Fun( without catching Diseases)
X P.S Im No HoodRat SkyRoller =]