Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I must Confess Im Still I love With My Ex [X]

I dont know what to say or how it go But My ex still runs threw my mind. It feels like he dont even like me 99% but the 0.1% continues for me to think that its still a chance,lls. I force myself to take the energy off of his name but when his name comes up all the memories evolves. hes like my rose in between the concrete ground or the storm in a 100 year drought. The name will never or shall come out my Mouth, but beautiful brownskinned dreadhead wiff the distinctive laugh is the continuence of my post. You will never get the letter i wrote you and the print of my lips on the letter from the red lipstick that indeed brought out some tears. The door is shut on this relationship war and farewll Gerrell, My ex that i jus now confessed