Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Things You Say and The lessons You Learn

in life you have friends, heartbreaks, bestfriends, girlfriends/boyfriends, associates and if you lucky yu find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with which involves love. the life story of me wouldnt have no point if my sister didnt come in. There is noone I repeat noone that knows about my life as much as she does. We had times where we go back and forth telling each other secrets to see who would have the last words or having the last laughs. I never cryed so much to another than her. Shes like a structure in my bones to keep me walkin on the runway in front of everyone. She did more than me in so many ways and i did so much than her in so many different way so there no competence. We both are heading fwrd in life and she next to me holding my hand.

it started off when we met. Nothing kept us apart. Whenever i got in trouble my mom would always call her or knew she had something to do with it or when she would come up missing her dad would always hit me because i was never a good lier. I couldnt see me with out you Bae. so glad that we found each other; Im so happppyy babbbbyyy... it amazing how yu knock me off my feet. you know what makes me cry jus to be able to make me smile. Even though we act terrible to each other with the name callin and hitting and fighing and joaning, it all out of love and its how me show support for one another. learning that you dont need all teh friends in the world isnt nothing without them being there for you.i leaned that in so many ways the hard way was first, at the end you was last to stand shaking your head but didnt had to say anything because i remember to this day that if you not there, there are little who would bee.
The more that we have been apart since we diverged to face college i miss her the most everyday. If i only had one person to be around it would be you. My bestfriends and friends are there as well and not saying that their on the side but the you being the  
longest, the strongest, the dearest, the crazziest, the most that can speak for me if i was deaf to see for me if i was blind or walk for me if i was disabled , it would bee you.
 I love you Bianca.