Monday, July 27, 2009

beauty is madness

I am on this Journey,planning to strive for reality. I am not a superhuman so when the one who I thought knew stabbs me in the back, all i did was bleed.No one never gave me a napkin or ask did i need help ,so I jus set there wif Apprehension.Sometimes I am Lonley, so I cry. when i cry there is this sound that the wind makes;but only if the wind is cold.Like on a day where the sun moves behind a cloud while the devil beats his wife.Others times but not to often I have a image that runs in the back of my head about the 1st day I met my bestfriend or the 1st time where I made the honor roll and my daddy was proud.The cries slow me down ,but I can feel my destination.On this Journey I ask mysellf " Am I alive"?
because my body never feels weak, but my feet does move Ive been blind since the day I lost my Virginity but I kno my heart failed so many miles back because the fact that I neva culd keep up in this game.Hunger constantly tells me to eat, but I challenge mysellf and I lost so much and I stumbled over so many rocks but the rocks made me mature;I fell for so many whethers but it made me wiser and all the paths I could have taken, lead me to who I became, And I Am Only her.Micole.